Winter Carnival 2020 Poster Dartmouth

Winter Carnival 2020 Poster Dartmouth

Are you a lover of lore? Do you believe the truth is out there? Do you prefer your mysteries unsolved? Well get ready for Dartmouth Winter Carnival 2020 to bring us - A BLIZZARD OF UNBELIEVABLE BEASTS! From the highlands of Scotland to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, Around the girdled earth to the Himalayas, we're expecting more than just a flurry of folklore for this year's carnival of cryptid creatures. Dartmouth's 110th Winter Carnival is scheduled for February 6-9th, 2020-- here in Hanover! This winning poster contest entry features mysterious instant camera photo imagery, designed by Lauren Gray, '20! Highly collectible official poster. $8 shipping/packaging/handling. Approximately 24" x 36". Comes in a sturdy cardboard tube with plastic end caps that fit tight and protect your poster shipment before and after it arrives to you.

Dartmouth Co-op membership discount doesn't apply.

Shipped outside of Hanover. No store pick-ups.