About the Co-op

The Dartmouth Co-operative Society, Inc. was founded in 1919 by a Dartmouth graduate and was operated for the nearly seventy years by the founding family with the help of a Dartmouth son-in-law. In 1986, a group of Dartmouth graduates purchased the store and assumed responsibility for continuing the traditions established two generations earlier.

No one knows Dartmouth better than the Dartmouth Co-op. Dartmouth alumni bought their Dartmouth clothing and gifts from the Co-op when they became Pea Green Freshman, when they greeted their Winter Carnival dates, when they marched from the Bema for Graduation. Now alumni depend upon the Co-op for tried and true Green merchandise at every June Reunion. Thanks to the revolution in computers pioneered at Dartmouth, alumni can secure their Dartmouth merchandise electronically through

The Dartmouth Co-op has the Greatest Selection of Dartmouth College Merchandise on the Planet. Some college graduates seek out colorful college clothing, but Dartmouth alumni know the only important color is Dartmouth Green. So, the Dartmouth Co-op is single-minded in finding products and vendors that capture just the right shade of green-- boring, but perfect to carry out the Dartmouth tradition. Every Dartmouth key chain, pennant, clock, hat or sweatshirt has to be right on The Color-- it is what Dartmouth people know they can count on year in and year out from the Co-op.

Hanover, New Hampshire is the home of the Dartmouth Co-op, which makes us very conscious of our four-season area. Since Hanover and Dartmouth College are known for major commitments to the outdoors, the Dartmouth insignia garments we select are casual and durable. We have items that can be layered up for the winter and pared down for the milder weather. We have summer shorts and sleeveless tee shirts. We have Dartmouth cycling jerseys and Dartmouth Rugby shirts. The Co-op knows its clothing must work for the ever-changing New England weather, as well as weather wherever Dartmouth alums now roam, or it will not work for our Dartmouth customers. Best of all, every garment comes in the official Dartmouth Green color or in a wonderful combination that features Dartmouth Green with a distinctive Dartmouth message.

The Dartmouth Co-op is also the place to visit for the unique gift for a Dartmouth student, parent or graduate. We have a wide selection of items that are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births and honors. Great Dartmouth gifts work for the den, the home office and the office at work. Many of our items can be personalized to recognize and honor the Dartmouth Class or the man or woman of your choice.