Membership Benefits for Dartmouth Students

Membership in the Dartmouth Co-op earns an immediate dividend with every purchase of regularly priced merchandise. Members get a 10% Discount everyday on every purchase. Unlike other co-operatives, there is no wait for a yearly dividend based on purchase levels and profits.

During promotional periods, Co-op Members get advanced notice of sales so they can purchase the best of the items going on sale. At times, there are sales for the Co-op members only, such as Double Discount promotions when Co-op Members take a 20% discount instead of the normal 10% discount.

Sales, promotions, special offers are promoted in the local media as well as on our Internet site, We also send periodic email promotions to our members. And student membership covers purchases by every member of your immediate family.

Do the math. It does not take many purchases of great Dartmouth merchandise to make a membership pay great dividends. For parents of Dartmouth students, the Co-op is the ideal place to make birthday purchases for the student who is not at home with the family. And at graduation time, the Co-op is unbeatable for great Dartmouth gifts—rings, announcements and diploma frames are all available for the Member’s discount.

Members received thousands of dollars in discounts during each academic year. Join today and enjoy the instant dividends that come from your student membership in the Dartmouth Cooperative Society.