How Dartmouth College Benefits

Here's How Dartmouth College Benefits from This Site

The Dartmouth Co-op and only sell insignia products that are officially licensed by Dartmouth College. As a result, our vendors make a royalty payment to Dartmouth for every insignia item they sell to us, a royalty charge that is passed on to us.. We are pleased to provide this royalty support for the programs and students of Dartmouth College and its associated schools.

The names, Dartmouth, Dartmouth College, Tuck, Thayer and Dartmouth Medical School, logos, music and symbols associated with the names are Trademarks owned by the Trustees of Dartmouth College. Names, music and marks are reproduced under license agreements with the Trustees.

Dartmouth has well-established policies with regard to merchandise that promote the use of drugs or alcohol. The College also discourages the sale of merchandise that conflict with standards of conduct described in its Student Handbook. The Dartmouth Cooperative Society and fully support and endeavor to fully comply with the spirit and the letter of these policies.

To understand more about the school we support with merchandise and with our royalty payments, please click on "Dartmouth Homepage", or go to directly.