Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee Policy is Simple and Complete!

The Dartmouth Cooperative Society and dartmouthcoop.com guarantee everything we sell, without condition and without qualifying fine print. 
If you are dissatisfied with any purchase you may return or exchange the item.

We guarantee that all of our insignia products are appropriately licensed and that royalties are paid, as required, to the appropriate licensing institution. All of our vendors are members of the Fair Labor Association dedicated to protect workers and the environment they work in anywhere in the world.

If you purchase from our site with a credit card, you will bear no risk for credit card fraud. We will solve any fraud problem arising from our companies or from our website; thereby, taking the least amount of your time and effort to deal with credit security issues.

We only collect the information we need to complete your purchase or to provide you with promotions and offers that you are comfortable receiving. If you no longer want to receive information from us or from our marketing partners, we will stop sending it. See our policies on Privacy/Security.