Back Orders

From time to time, demand for a specific item is so great that we may be out-of-stock temporarily. In that rare circumstance, we will hold your order for 48 hours to wait for the back order to arrive; by waiting a short time, we can make one shipment. If the back order still has not arrived within the 48 hours, we will unfortunately have to remove that item from your order and ship the balance of the order under normal terms and conditions, and we will add you to our contact list if the item is expected back in stock.

When your back ordered item arrives in stock, we will contact you so that you may have the opportunity to decide if you would still like the backordered portion of your order at the time in the future and you can then place an order for it. We are not able to hold on to payment information from the previous order and we are not able to capture funds for an amount greater than what was shipped when the order was completed and that is why a new order must be placed. 

Please contact the Dartmouth Co-op (800-634-2667 or with any questions.