3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect College Spirit Wear

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect College Spirit Wear

Posted by Dartmouth on 2nd Dec 2021

The art of tastefully and excitingly displaying your school pride lies in your spirit wear collection. But how do you choose what clothing and accessories to get that show off your school spirit? Discover three tips for choosing the perfect college spirit wear.

Consider the Season

Clothing is all about seasonality, so make sure your college spirit wear follows suit. While the campus store might have a fun branded pair of athletic shorts or a cute tank top, these will quickly grow out of style as the days turn colder. Don’t let the seasons force you out of your school pride. Consider the season when you’re choosing your spirit wear. Think about things like the temperature, sporting events, campus events, and off-campus ventures. As you weigh all these possibilities, you’ll find yourself with the perfect piece of multi-seasonal, aesthetically pleasing spirit wear.

Look for Deals

Colleges want current students and alumni alike to wear their school colors loud and proud. This means they’ll likely have a deals section where you can find a bunch of items for discounted prices. Though you can surely go for the main, in-style items, you can really beef up your spirit wear wardrobe with a wider selection for the same price.

Start Simple and Sleek

Start your college spirit wear journey with simple and sleek designs. While you could go for the brightly colored inside-joke-referencing sweater that only on-campus students would understand, this isn’t the best way to show off your school pride to outsiders.

As the first semester comes to a close, you want warm clothing to wear through winter break that your family and friends can admire. Start with your college’s name or logo on a plain-colored hoodie. While you can’t ensure that people will know your college’s name, they’ll clearly see your pride and connection to it.

Remember these three tips for choosing the perfect college spirit wear as you peruse your college’s online or in-person store for spirit wear. If you’re a current student or alumni of Dartmouth, you can show your school colors, too! Explore our wide array of Dartmouth College clothing online at the Dartmouth Co-Op. If you have any questions or would like to customize your order, reach out to our team today.