Top 5 Tips for Paying for an Ivy League College

Top 5 Tips for Paying for an Ivy League College

Posted by Dartmouth on 16th Feb 2022

One of the most significant factors holding students back from getting a higher education is cost. It might seem like applying for an Ivy League education is more expensive than attending your local community college. However, the truth is that most of these prestigious schools are entirely affordable if you have the right resources. If money is keeping you from pursuing your dream school, check out these top five tips for paying for an ivy league college.

Look for Aid ASAP

If you want to get the most out of your financial aid, start doing research as soon as possible. Demand for loans and grants skyrockets as more students start looking for assistance. Getting started early will help you beat the crowd so that you can take advantage of the most valuable offers and opportunities.

Submit a FAFSA Every Year

If you need help paying for an ivy league college, don’t forget to submit your FAFSA. You should fill out a Free Application for Financial Student Aid every year to find the best offers from the U.S. Department of Education. After doing research, this should be the first place you look to for financial assistance. The FAFSA pairs students with all kinds of opportunities, like:

  • Federal grants you don’t have to pay back
  • Federal loans with low-interest rates
  • Work-study programs to supplement awards

Apply for Scholarships

If you aren’t keen on accepting a loan, you can always look for scholarships to cover tuition expenses. Private groups build scholarship funds for all kinds of students, and if you have a particular skill, your chances of getting one are high. Try looking for scholarships in a niche field and apply for as many as you can. Some scholarships even waive application fees for students in need, so keep that in mind while you’re searching.

Utilize Financial Resources

All universities have financial aid departments, and this includes Ivy League schools. The people who work here are experts on financial aid and have incredibly useful information for students looking for help. Reach out to the financial aid department and see if they have any resources. They can help you apply for in-house scholarships and guide you through your college journey.

Build a Savings Account

If all else fails, it’s helpful to have a savings account to fall back on. Many students help pay for their own education by working part-time jobs. You can build this fund by putting aside extra money and letting it accumulate. If you can’t secure enough financial assistance through grants, loans, and scholarships, you can supplement your aid with money from your savings account.

Getting money for an Ivy League education isn’t a pipe dream; it’s completely doable if you know where to look.

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