Dining with Dartmouth: The Official Cookbook of Dartmouth College

Dartmouth students, alumni, families, and anybody that enjoys good food will love this cookbook!

We all have food memories. Certain scents and tastes can transport us through time. That's why we wanted to make this cookbook; so that Dartmouth students, alumni, and families alike can recreate some of Dining's most popular recipes in their own homes and remember our school fondly. We want to bring you back to enjoying a sunny day on the Green, laughing with friends at a Class of 1953 Commons event, and adventuring around campus in search of a late-night snack. Transitioning from college to adult life can be difficult on a lot of levels, from missing your classmates to figuring out how to feed yourself. This cookbook is perfect for beginner chefs and filled with basics such as how to stock your pantry and the different ways to cook an egg. The recipes included are the favorite dishes of many a Dartmouth student, past and present, and they're organized seasonally. Pick your favorite term, reminisce, and cook up either something that will keep you cozy during the colder months or a more refreshing dish when things start to heat up.

Most importantly, this isn't an exam! Experimentation is a huge part of cooking. Try your best, enjoy yourself, and we're sure you'll be making not only edible but delicious food in no time. When all's said and done, don't forget that Dartmouth will always be here for you to visit if you need a trip back in time and a hot meal.

The Official Cookbook of Dartmouth College from Dartmouth Dining Services. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter recipe sections. 67 pages.

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