Diploma Frame Presidential Masterpiece Madison - Dartmouth

Diploma Frame Presidential Masterpiece Madison - Dartmouth

Need a graduation gift for a special Dartmouth College graduate? The Dartmouth Presidential frame, with a beautiful furniture finish, makes a perfect gift for that special someone. The Presidential Edition features a masterpiece medallion of the Dartmouth school shield set into an archival-quality green linen mat. The Masterpiece Medallion is made of brass that is poured into a mold to give it shape then hand-painted with school colors on the raised points. This diploma frame style is enhanced with a gold wood fillet and framed in our Madison moulding with a handsome flat panel profile in a dark walnut finish. With gold embossed Dartmouth College logo and Official Dartmouth Shield, the Dartmouth Presidential frame measures 23" high x 27" wide and features a removable back that allows for easy insertion of diplomas. Features the official shield above and the Dartmouth name below, gold embossed on archival-quality green linen mat. Framed in plexiglass (for greater shatter-resistance, durability and protection against erosion when compared to glass) that blocks dust, dirt and insects; as well as up to 45% of UV light. Dartmouth Co-op has the largest selection of Diploma frames for Dartmouth graduates! Special order (non-returnable). Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery, when not in stock. $30 Freight. NO OTHER DISCOUNTS OR PROMOTIONS APPLY!


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